Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy 2015 (better late than never)!

Wow its been so long since I updated my blog, I think my last post was June of last year.  I know I lose all my follower but I will still try to revive my blog and hoping that I will gain back all my friends and followers here.  I hope all of you have a great Christmas and New Year as I did.   There were so many things happen to us last year, remember when we were so happy that time; me and my husband to finally moved out to Riverside area and to finally moved to Arlington area where is more convenient for us to go to work especially for me, its just a walking distance ( I don't have to ride the stinkin JTA bus).  So we were happy that time with our new found apartment.  We moved to an apartment complex in Regency, at first we loved it, its small and cozy with washer/dryer hook up.  But our happiness didn't last for so long, since small problems in the apartment started showing up like roaches, the leaking of our kitchen, molds and the worse is the neighborhood, the people that live there.  We feel like we're in the hood, it was our first time living in a complex, and we told ourselves never again.  It was the worse experience of our life, we surely did not miss the loud bass music next door to us and the shooting in the parking lot.  I can go on and on with the problem we encountered on that apartment but its not worth my time anymore. We are just happy to be out.

This is our new apartment from the outside, its a 4plex and we are in the 2nd floor.

The living room
Month of November comes and finally we send our letter that we don't want to renew our lease to the landlord.  My husband got transferred  to a new store in Riverside area, so we're thinking to find an apartment in that area again. So first week of November last year we moved back to Riverside again. We found a 2 bedroom apartment, we loved the place, and the neighborhood.  I know we fell in-love with Riverside the first time we lived in the area and now we are back.  But I know there's gonna be complications if we move back here;  I have to endure riding the unreliable, confusing, stinking JTA buses again to go to work.   And now that they changed the route, (for the better?) I have to take 3 buses to go to work and that's just one way.  So it make it worse instead of improving it.  But I can't afford to lose my job, I'm full time and Lowes pays far better compare to other retail job out there.  So I told myself to sacrifice for now,  to wake up 2 hours early to catch my bus everyday, and I did not enjoy it.  I did it for 3 months and I know I will burn myself.  I ended up hating my job, by the time I go to work I'm already exhausted because of the long commute. I keep praying to God to guide me, what would I do?

 I am very thankful to God, that He heard my prayer; I found a job just a walking distance to our apartment.  I am really happy because this was my dream before to work at this great company.  I really thought it was impossible to get a job at this company, it took them almost 2 months to call me for an interview.  But I got the job offer the same day I was interviewed, it was really fast, the next day was the drug test. I'm just waiting for my last day at Lowes then I can do my orientation for my new job. So last week  I handed my two weeks notice, I know they were shock with my decision.  I told them it was the hardest decision I have to do but I have to do it or else I'm gonna suffer and they will not be happy with my working performance.  I gonna miss my regular customers, my co-workers and I'm surely going to miss working in outside garden.

That's it for now peeps! I am really glad to be back in the worldwideweb again!
Hope you all have a good week.  God bless...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vesta Talent Agency


Everyone is talented in their own way, just take a look at "Reality" TV if you don't believe me.  With the abundance of shows on every kind of person imaginable perhaps you can see my point of view.  The bigger question is how do these people get noticed in the first place?  Well the answer may surprise you, because it's through talent agencies like Vesta Talent Agency.

I guess my favorite actor would have to be Vhong Navarro.  I always like the guy who is the comedian and all around funny.  The first date my husband took me on was to see Agent X-44 in the cinema and Vhong was the lead actor in that movie.  While that was in the Philippines, we live in the US now and I think it would be great to have a show about a Filipina moving to the USA.

It's been a tough work to get adjusted to life over here and there are many things I think that American take for granted about life over here.  Perhaps the adjustment of a foreign wife would be a great basis for a reality tv show.  It would give me the opportunity to show off my greatest talent, budgeting money lol. Maybe Vesta Talent Agency will notice me.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mailing and Marketing List

When I was young I always wanted to be a business owner and then I did and some point in my life.  Or should I say I did become an entrepreneur first, when I was 9 years old I started to sell bread (pandesal in the Philippines) every morning in our neighborhoods, I used to wake up before the crack of dawn to make sure I can sell a lot of pandesal.  And in the afternoon me and my friends will walk around the neighborhood to sell donuts.  For us its not a hardwork, its fun for us we really enjoyed doing it. We have a neighbor before that used to have a bakery business and they hire us kids to sell their goods and we get one peso in every bag of bread we sell, so if we sold five bags we earned five pesos also, that's a lot of money back then.  I can even give my brother and sister money so that they can buy lunch in school.  I was a responsible kid, I don't ask money from my parents for my lunch at school.  I guess I got it from my mother, she used to have  as we call it in the Philippines a "sari-sari store, its like a convenience store but more cheaper, sari-sari in tagalog means variety.  My mom sells basic commodities from rice, canned goods, fresh fish to vegetables.  It was a good business before but not so anymore these days, as every street in our country there is a sari-sari store, funny but its true.

When I married my husband in 2007, we planned to open a real convenience store thought its more like a mini grocery because the building was big.  And so we did open our first business in Feb. 2008 the "VnL Store", to me its like a supermarket and grocery in one.  We used to sell rice, softdrinks and beer, fresh produce, and cigarettes.  It was doing great at the first 2 years but I must admit I get so tired of handling it.  I get so tired of dealing with the government in the Philippines, they want you to get a permit with everything, tax you to death plus all the people who doesn't pay their tabs. And when I finally got my visa to the US last Nov. 2011, I handed my store to my parents which they decided to closed last 2012.  That was the end of my business, it was fun and a lot of hardwork but I think its not enough of hardwork that I did maybe that's why it was not successful.

Now that I am in the US, even though we a full-time job(thanks to God), we can't help but think of how nice to have a small business overhere.  I know its not easy compare in our country, here in the US there's a lot of competition, so business owner do a lot of things just to lure their customers.  One thing I notice here in the US is they always send you weekly ads or deals in the mail.  I think its a good idea.  But if you have just started your business and you are new to the market you need a lot of help from the professional like this website that I found online. List Giant can you help with your targeted mailing list, your business will surely experience huge benefits when ordering direct mailing list from List giant.

Big Update

Its been so long since I have written in this blog I know,  I apologized for abandoning my blog for such a long time.  But I have so many things that happen in my life, our life and some changes that keep me pretty occupied.  I was thinking the other night if I will still continue this blog or just let it float in limbo.  But I made up my mind that I will not give up and will try my best to write an article at least  two times a week since I am working Full-time now.  Yes! After working as part-time for so many years (barely 2 years) I finally got a full-time position. 
Okay I want to give my readers an update and the happenings and changes of my life last year.  I was lucky I got an unemployment after I lost my job on Feb. 23 last year, though its just small but it helps a lot when you don't have income coming in.  In mid July I found a part time job at the beach, even though I have to take 3 buses everyday to get to work, I did endure the pain of commuting because I really need a job so bad that time.  Luckily I got a call from one of the biggest home improvement here in Jacksonville for a job interview, and to cut the story short I got hired as a part-time Cashier.  I know its just part-time but they are paying way above the minimum wage and sometimes they give me more than 30 hrs. per week, so I was very happy.  After almost six months working, my managers ask me if I want to apply for a full-time position, at first I was hesitant to apply because I was thinking I don't have any chance with the other applicants (my co-workers) because they've been working there longer than me and of course they are better than me, but my managers encouraged me to give it a try and if I don't get the job at least I tried.  So comes the interview day, I was so nervous I don't know why but it turn out good.  After that day my managers told me I got the job, man I was so happy I was jumping lol.  But before all of this happen last October we moved to another apartment closer to our work,(we used to live 30 miles away from  work) it took us a while to find an apartment that we like and that close to where we work, especially for me because I have to ride the bus to get to work and public transportation here in Jacksonville is no fun and not good seriously!

Image not mine.

Anyhow I started my full-time position this week, finally I can have health insurance though its still expensive thanks to Obamacare.  But at least I have the benefits of having a full time job and not to mention our company has a lot of good benefits and they do really take care of their employees.  I am very much thankful to God, for all of these blessings I know I don't deserve all of this because I seldom go to church and sometimes I even forgot to pray but God still blessed me, us me and my husband.  I am also thankful to my mother in the Philippines, she's the one who prays a lot for me, she even pray the rosary everyday.  One person that was very happy when I got the full-time position at work is my mom, its like an answered prayer for her.  Finally I can help my husband with all our credit card debts and also I can help my family in the Philippines.  And of course I would like to thank my dear husband for being always there for me thru my ups and down, he never abandoned me though sometimes I make him insane lol. Thank you mahal for driving me and picking me up to work when your off.  Thanks for all your patience  I love you with all my heart and soul!  And to our Lord God Almighty thank You, we owe it all to You...
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