Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Best News Ever

Thursday Thunks

Turn the tv on and open the newspaper.... whats the best reported news you've ever heard?
 Reagan won the election but I think the person who wrote this poll wasn't alive when that happened
Hey! Guess what? Whats the best personal news someone has told you?
 I'm alive

Goshdarnit I'm tired... When you lay down to sleep at night, whats the best position for you to fall asleep in?
I always sleep on my right side, and have four pillows with me.
What the most excited you've ever been?
Im excited to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows later.

Ever touched a turkey? And yeah, I mean the gobble gobble kind. I'm glad I re-read this or this could have been a stupid question. Have you ever touched a living, breathing, not on your plate turkey?
Yes, have you ever touched a platypus?

Its everywhere, it's driving me crazy! Spend money, people, spend money! Have you boughten anything from the "new & early" Black Friday deals this year?
What boughten? are you retarded? get a spellchecker

So the news is out, the most best news ever in the history of news - Kimber & Berleen are finally going to meet! Kimber is flying to Minnesota. What should she bring with her?
Who and who?

Kimber thinks all Minnesotans eat lutefisk. It's a Scandinavian food and lucky for her, we're German. Maybe it's Norwegian. Heck I don't know - you ever ate the stuff?

Whats in your right pocket right now?

When you go to the dentist for your cleaning, do you use the toothbrush that they give you or do you use one that you have purchased yourself?
I prefer natural boar bristle.

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