Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tune

Tuesday Tunes: Week 158
A Day Of Music:

If you had one day totally free, just to enjoy music, what would you listen to?

If I have one day free, I would love to listen to Beverly Craven's Promise Me.
This is an old song,One of the reason I love this song because its our Official Wedding song. And I love this song a long time ago, even before I got married. This is famous back in my Hich School days(1994). And also the lyrics is perfectly fit for me, as my husband is far away from me right now,so as the song goes " Promise me, Youll wait for me, cuz Ill be saving all my love for you, and I will be home soon." So check out this song if your feeling sentimental.

How would the music change as the day went on

Maybe it will change my mood to crying mood :D, cuz this song is def.a tearjerker, but u will feel inlove again, so your inspired.

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