Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crime of Passion (Chop-chop Lady in Davao City)

When i first heard the news about this, I couldn't believe it, I was scared, especially beacause it happened here in my city, "Davao City".  I thought it would never happen in real life, how can someone do this to a fellow human?

            Maritess Hao, a 39 year old female, who lived in a mid scale subdivision in Talomo was found dead on Christmas Day.  The victims neighbor, Jimmy Quijano, noticed a foul smell coming from the victims house and called 911 and the Scene of the Crime Operatives (Soco).  The crime scene operatives found the victims body chopped to bits inside the bathroom. The suspect, Arvin Casanova, 22 years old, is the victims former live in partner.  Police said that jealousy could be the motive behind the crime, as the victims current boyfriend is returning home from Japan soon. Also found in the crime scene were clothes placed inside a plastic garbage container with traces of human blood and a stainless chopping knife in the kitchen. Authorities are now looking for the suspect who still remains at large.


  1. Scary.

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  3. Oh my goodness that is scary!! It does always amaze me to hear the stories of what one person can do to another.

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  5. sad to say he is my younger brother, and he is already surrendered in Cagayan.


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