Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm very happy because I completed the 9mornings this year, its just feels right, for me its the feeling of satisfaction, not physically but emotionally, when you know you cant have everything you want this Christmas but you don't care, because the reason is not the especial food we serve every christmas, the new clothes we wear every christmas but the reason why we celebrate Christmas, because Jesus our savior is born to save us once again.  Anyway those who don't know what is 9 mornings.  Nine ( 9 ) monings also called "Misa de Gallo" is a Filipino tradition every Christmas a 9 consecutive days of novena mass. So my mother and I completed the 9 mornings this year, hurray were so happy, after 9 days of waking up so early, its finally done!
   We celebrate Christmas this year simply, not a lot of foods, We just cook enough for us, my mum cooked a couple of food like Arroz Valenciana its a local version of a spanish recipe called Paella, of course Pancit, Adobo, Kinilaw, and I make the dessert, the ever famous Mango Float, We did not wait for the noche buena, we started our dinner early because we were kinda hungry and so tired to wait for 12 midnight, after dinner our relatives arrive, so we have fun with our relatives, especially when they got drunk and get silly, Oh its my first time to celebrate Christmas without my husband, He is in Jacksonville right now to be with his father, thats the only thing I miss this Christmas, to celebrate it with my dear husband.
  Time really flies, now Christmas is here and next week were gonna celebrate New Year again, and  Im not ready yet, I have so many things that needs to be done before the New Year.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!

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