Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Story of Mt. Mayon

   Mt. Mayon is an active volcano, its located in the province of Albay in the Bicol region on the island of Luzon here in the Philippines. so here it is:

       A long time ago, Albay was a kingdom. The rajah of albay had a beautiful daughter who the people called "daragang magayon" meaning "beautiful maiden".
      The talk of Magayon's beauty spread to neighboring kingdoms where many datus and princes tried to seek her hand in marriage.
      While the rajah was away, a fierce datu came, Datu Buhawen.
He wanted to marry Magayon and threatened to kill her father if she refused. However, she tried to delay the marriage so Gat Malayo, her sweetheart would be back by that time.
      Gat Malayo returned just as the marriage ceremony was about to begin. Datu Buhawen called for his men and a fierce battle began.
 Buhawen was stronger but Gat Malayo was more skillful. Buhawen was killed.
      Unfortunately a friend of Buhawen shot Gat Malayo with an arrow. As Gat Malayo fell, Magayon rushed to his side, and seeing he was dead, she killed herself with a dagger. The two were burried side by side in a common grave. The following day, the earth on the grave began to rise.  It turned into a beautiful mountain-volcano. It had an almost perfect cone. Im memory of Daragang Magayon, the mountain was named Mt. Mayon.
     At the foot of the mountain the people built a town and called it Daraga, meaning, a damsel, to commemorate further the memory of beautiful maiden.

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