Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've got my Badge for my blog!!!

I finally have a badge, I remember when I first started blogging, I was having a hard time to create one for myself. I was researching but I couldn't find a badge that is for free. Until yesterday when I found this very helpful blog This blog has a lot to offer, its got some blogging tricks, from how to make your own badge, and everything that will help your blog to be successful.  So I would like to thank again Maxi Velasco the owner of . I'm so happy to save time and money. So to all of you who are struggling to have thier own badge/button, make sure to visit this blog.


  1. New follower- I've never known how to make a badge. Thanks for the referral.


  2. That is good to know. Your badge looks cool and refreshing. :)

    If you want another badge, I can make you one for free since I am trying to learn photoshop and designing as well. :D

  3. Hey there - nice badge - feels great when you get it finally - ive not had mine too long either. Also, I'm hosting my own brand new and very first blog hop for the weekend starting tomorrow for creative people: that include writers, artists of all genres, crafters,all sorts. Do stop by and link up. It needs some love to get it off the ground. I'm following your from the hop too btw. Shah at X

  4. *blush blush blush*

    Thank you so much for this post. Really happy to help bloggers... both old and new. Just like you, I've also struggled to create my badge. I can't afford that time to pay for someone to create mine so I've just kept on doing trials and errors until I've found out how to do it. I've thought that the blogging world will become a better world [at least....] if I share what I've learned with my fellow bloggers.

    Again, super thank you for this post. I am really touched... *blush again*


    Maxi of and

  5. Hello again! I have added your link on my two blogs (you can see them by clicking my name). I am hoping that you will also do the same.

    About the badge, I will make one for you maybe this weekend.

    If you want, you can send your idea about your badge like colors, things you want to see on it etc...

    DeejSpeaks/Llama's Journal


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