Monday, January 3, 2011

Media Noche

       Hello 2011, Goodbye 2010!  I am definitely excited for this year 2011 to start, last year for me is not so good, thats why this year I'm hoping it would be a better year for me. But I'm still thankful to God, for the good health and blessings we recieved this year. This Christmas is different for me because, its my first Christmas without my husband, and I really have a hard time adjusting, I mean celebrating the holidays without your husband thats so sad, and I really cried because of the loneliness I feel that time, I know I'm so emotional, even if i have my family with me to celebrate the holidays, my Christmas is still incomplete.
    We celebrate the New Years Eve with a lot of foods of course, its our tradition, to celebrate the new year with a lot of foods in the table, and of course the 13  kinds of  fruits, we believe you're gonna be lucky the whole year if you have 13 round shape fruits in your table. We were quite busy, it was also raining so hard that time, so we have to wait for the rain to stop in order for us to continue our cooking in our dirty kitchen which has no roof.
    We did enjoy it, despite the fact that theres no firecrackers and fireworks, Our City Mayor banned it many years ago, but were used to it, were just making alternative and safe noise like playing loud music, you have to be loud in order to get rid of the bad spirit thats what we believe over here in the Philippines. I did not do the things that need to be done before the New Year though, unlike last year because I was so busy with my store, I have lots of customers in my store, I cant complain because I have a lot of sales, but it was really wearing me out that I didn't have the chance to go online and talk to my husband on skype, He was kinda frustrated at me that time, but were okay now. Oh and we got drunk too and enjoy ourselves, we ended up sleeping at 5 am.


  1. Holidays seem to be the time of the year we miss our loved ones the most. I'm glad to hear you did enjoy yourself & I hope you have a blessed new year.

    Mrs. E

  2. Hi, just blog hopping. Happy New Year to you.

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  6. Great looking table, looks like a lot of fun was had. I am now following you and left some ki$$es!!!


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