Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Mayhem

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. Name a restaurant that is over-rated?
Jolibee lol.

2. What food is over-rated?
I guess Rice.

3. Name an experience that you have had that is/was over-rated?
When I accidentally poop in my panties hahahahahh. Its a joke!

4. What celebrity is over-rated?
Lindsay Lohan

5. What movie is/was over-rated?

Ghost Movie

6. What famous person is over-rated?
Michael Jackson. 
 Rest in peace!!!

7. Would you rather be over-rated or under-rated?
Just in the middle, if possible.

8. What or who is the most over-rated thing in the world?

9. Is there something that your S.O. (spouse etc ) likes a lot that you think is over-rated?

My breast lol


  1. muahahaha... no 9 really over-rated...

  2. Hi dea, glad I make you laugh hahahah

  3. totoy ka jan! They're not overrated as I'm the only one that should be doing the rating :P

  4. Hahahah mahal! I can't believe you actually comment lol. mwahhh I love you!

  5. lol :) funny stuff cream puff. How exactly is rice over-rated? I suppose that little jingle... Rice a roni that San Francisco treat... is a tad over-rated :)


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