Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

    I really want to go back to my exercising routine, when I was still single (4 yrs. ago), I really have a lot of will power to exercise and to lose weight, even if I ate just a little bit of  rice and other rich in carbohyrdates foods, I became so guilty and after that day I will really exercise to death just to lose the extra pounds I earned in eating a lot of carbohydrates, and now I've been married for almost 4 years , I gain a lot of weight, its not also helping my husband is good in cooking.
To all of you who don't know my husband is American, and the first year of our marriage I was having a hard time, especially the food even though we live here in the Philippines, my husband cooks a lot of american foods, which is too heavy for me, and  after 2-3 years of eating my husband's cooking, wth! I'm getting used to it and I liked it, I even missed it, since my husband is back to the US now, and I'm here in the Philippines.
    To cut the story short, I think I gain 18lbs. for just 3 years, I feel so bad. So right now that my husband is not here with me, I'm planning and I will really want to get back in shape, I miss wearing sexy clothes and jeans lol. The first reason I want to lose weight and go back to exercising is to be healthy, I'm just 30 years old and I don't want to be weak and sick just because I'm overweight, second is I wanted to wear clothes that I used to wear before, and the third is I wanted to surprise my husband, so if  he comes home this year, I'm gonna be thinner and sexier lol.

   There's a lot of reasons for us to exercise. heres the following reasons:
*  You will look better
    Exercise will make you look firmer, slimmer, and better, both in and out of your 
    clothes.  Exercise improves posture,  too.
*  You will be happier
    Doing vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes will help trigger the production of endorphins, which are your body's feel-good chemicals. 
*   You will burn up calories
     Exercising will help you lose weight and keep you at your ideal weight.  Just a few 30-mnutes blocks of continuous exercise, including brisk walking, running upstairs, swimming, even strenuous housework or gardening, will get your heart pumping faster.  This will increase your metabolic rate and help you burn fat faster, even when you've stop exercising. 
*   You will suffer less from stress
     Getting active will help you relax.  A 30- minute walk can help to reduce stress, tension, and stress-related problems such as headache and insomnia.
*   You will have more resistance to illnesses
     Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, bowel disease, diabetes, strokes, and osteoporosis.  Exercise boosts the immune system and helps you to fight off colds and flu.
*   You will have more energy
     Getting moving increases energy levels.  Ask your friends how they are and you can guarantee someone will answer wearily:  "Exhausted", or "I feel I could sleep for a week". Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms heard by medical practitioners.  Although you can't get rid of fatigue completely- it's natural to feel tired when you're doing a lot- you'll notice an improvement in your energy levels in as little as one week if you take regular exercise.  After three months you should have improved your strength considerably. 
*   You will have great skin
     Exercise makes your skin glow because it improves your circulation.  Exercise improves the appearance of cellulite too.
*   You will feel more confident
     Being fit boosts your self-esteem.  Looking better, feeling stronger, having more energy and enthusiasm, being more able to deal with stress- all these benefits of exercise will make you feel more confident.
*   You will feel more alert
      Exercise makes you mentally fitter.. It increase the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain, which helps improve your concentration.
*   You will be helping family and friends
     Increasing your fitness can improve the health of your family and friends. Encourage them to exercise with you or make exercise a social event that you enjoy together.  Exercising with a friend or partner or with the whole family is a great motivator.. If one of you feels too tired to bother- the other can usually provide support and encouragement.

 I hope it will help those who want to lose weight this year, like me. Goodluck to us!!!


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