Sunday, January 16, 2011

Viva! Pit Senyor!!!

In Cebu today they celebrate the Sinulog ,it is the largest religious festival in the country, Even though I don't live in Cebu, we also celebrate it over here in Davao City, because  our patron in our barangay is Sto. Nino, we also called it Infant. Every January 16th is the celebration of our fiesta, It usually begin with  a mass in our chapel which happen last night, and we also grabbed the opportunity to have our house blessing and our store also, its been 3 years since the store was open and  we didn't have the chance to got it bless first. So were thankful it is blessed now.
And today Sunday is our fiesta, its not really exciting this year, because we didn't have any curricular activities like basketball games, parlor games and disco etc. The civic leaders in the church that we belong doesn't approved with it, we were kinda frustrated, even a simple parlor games for the kids, they don't allow it.
I think its also a good thing, because I was busy with helping my mum cooking, we prepared for a little dinner, for whoever wants to eat in our house, its fiesta so anyone is welcome. But I decided to go to the grocery to buy some stuff needed in my store, and gosh I was stuck in the rain for 2 hours in downtown, oh well at least I was able to go home safe but soaked lol. Then when I got home my brother got into a fight again, well its not really a fight because  the guy who hit him is sick in the head , and my brother  was so shock and wants  revenge, so he got my husband's big knife in my bedroom, were so lucky that insane guy who hit him, just disappear out of nowhere. Hopefully next year its gonna be enjoyable and safe fiesta for us.

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