Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day At Timicuan Preserve

One of the things I love about the USA is that you're never far from a park.  Be it State owned or Federal these little parcels of wilderness give me a break from the concrete mania of city life.  Today dad and I decided to take a trip to Timicuan Preserve.  The land was gifted to the state by a guy who lived there all through the 30's-60's.  It is pure untouched Florida and gives us a hint of what a wild and overgrown jungle was here when the first Spanish and French explorers came in the 1500's.  Enjoy the pictures, I'm afraid there wasn't much of a "pond" at Spanish Pond because the rain has been lacking here for over a year.  Even with all the rain over the past week, we are still 18" (.45M) below normal.

Our Trail

St. Johns River

Spanish Pond

Lichens (moss) Growing On the Leaves

 All in all dad and I hiked about 2 miles (3K) today.

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