Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

     4 Years ago today I asked my wife to marry me.  I remember it well because at the time she was in Davao and I was visiting friends in Cebu.  She didn't expect that I was going to be there for Valentine's Day but I flew down from Cebu secretly, telling her I was going to take a shower... it's just a short flight from Cebu to Davao.  After checking in to a hotel I went to her home and Suprise!  Nothing has changed since that day except my love for you has grown since then.  I only hope that God has it in His plan that we will be together next year on Valentines Day... Mahal kita, mahal ko.


  1. Testing to see if Name/URL nofollow works

  2. Oh how sweet. I am now following your blog Phil!

  3. :) so sweet.... happy valentine... :)
    better late than never


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