Friday, May 4, 2012

The Whippet

In my various wandering across the web I found this old ad for a Whippet Fedora made by Stetson.  Whippets were first introduced in the 1940's and became wildly popular until the 60's when decreased sales spelled an end to the design.  This particular ad is from about 1950 and advertises the Whippet as being $10.  Wish I could still find them for that price!  Stetson reintroduced the Whippet design last year (although not in the natty green color above) but the price is now $168.  It's always interesting to do a cost comparison between then and now but what really counts is how much do  you have to work to buy the same thing?  In 1950 the average wage was $3.08/hr so you could buy the hat after 4 hours of working.  The average wage in Jacksonville in 2011 is $9.50/hr so I'd have to work 18 hours to buy the hat today!  Here's a few other comparisons:

What 1 Hour of work bought....

                 in 1950                                                     in 2011

         10 lbs beef                                                    3 lbs beef
         30 packs cigarettes                                       2 packs cigarettes
         20 Streetcar rides                                          9 Bus Rides
         17 Gallons gas                                              3 Gallons Gas

To buy a house took 3 years of working in 1950, in 2011 it was 8 years.
To buy a car was 13 weeks in 1950, in 2011 it was 40 weeks.

Seems like today we are working more for less while the government squeezes us like jobst compression stockings for every tax dollar they can get from us.

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  1. Hello Veronica.

    Interesting facts! Love it! Gotta say that everything is really getting more and more expensive each day. Whew!

    Have a great day. Hugs!


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