Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Barely

You ever get the feeling things could be going better?  I'm of that opinion every day it seems.  In May my time laid off from work ends and I get to go back to Alaska but it's bittersweet.  The job doesn't pay me enough to live off of and I still need to find something in Jacksonville... a task I have been unable to fulfill since August.  Couple that with high gas prices and now a 30% increase in air fares and my profits are cut into even further.  It's not the best of times right now, and although I cannot complain as I am fed, watered and have housing, cooling my heels hoping one of the myriad job applications I put in every week will get noticed is distinctly unfulfilling.  Oftentimes I wonder why others get hired when I don't even get the call.  Take the marketplace near me for example.  It's a high end grocer with high end prices and prides itself on excellent customer service.  I applied there in October and have applied for every open position they have advertised since then.  Never a call, a whimper, a moan, no thank you.  Then I go inside and get a look at the people they have hired.  Young kids who don't know which end is up.  Their customer service skills are lacking and the overall atmosphere of the store has come down in the last few months.  In the end I suppose I'm to intelligent/experienced for my own good.  Managers pass me over because I am a threat to them... someone who may ask awkward questions, rock the boat, or even (gasp) do my job well.  Seemingly the preference is for drones, idiots, yes-men.  You reap what you sow, corporations are going to learn this very soon.

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