Monday, March 7, 2011

Stopping Cigarettes

Yeah I must really be bored if I'm going to write about quitting cigarettes but here goes anyhow.  I've been a smoker for 25 years now and I just know it's time to stop with the cigarettes.  Nothing good comes of it and I bet my health would improve for giving them up.  I'm just doing it cold, no hypnosis, no patches or gum and my only support mechanisim is my wife.  I know she'll support me as she's been after me to stop smoking for years now.  Last year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure so the doctor put my on meds and it went from 160/90 to 120/80 on average.  I just don't like how the pills make me feel, at the thought had occured to me that smoking cigarettes was 75% the reson for the high blood pressure.

Well I stopped smoking cigarettes 5 days ago now and also stopped taking the BP meds.  My blood pressure remains around 125/72 on average so I guess I was right about the smoking being a big problem.  I also have more energy but am dealing with reprecussions of my body clensing itself after so many years of cigarettes... coughing mostly.  That all should lessen over the next week though. 

One thing I am not giving up on is my pipe.  I have a collection I gained from inheritance and a few I purchased on my own.  I enjoy pipe smoking as it is 180 degrees difference from cigarettes and to be honest, they've never been able to prove any health risks from pipe smoking.  I'll write more on my pipes later.

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