Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Is a Tie Not Just a Tie?

1947 Countess Mara Ad

I spent the day out on Tuesday, just needed to get out of the house for a day and go shopping.  I rode the bus, went to many places and had quite the adventure.  Now you may or may not know, I'm interested in vintage clothing, specifically dressing in vintage clothing.  So when I was out 2 of the places I went were used clothing shops  (ukay-ukay) to a Filipino.  Goodwill and The Salvation Army maintain 2 large stores here and they both are within walking distance of one another... if you fancy a long walk that is.  All in alll I spent about 5 hours out shopping around and I came home with 1 tie.  Not a good day in the vintage fashion world.  Anyhow, I didn't think much of this tie when I first saw it, typical striped tie c. 1958-63 but I did know it was vintage.  Well heck for $2 I bought it and figured I'd research it later. 

Dressed Up For Church
And research it I did... It's a Countess Mara which it turns out is a rather sosyal (high end) brand, or was anyhow back in the day.  The company was founded in 1935 by The Countess Mara who wished to bring high end european clothing to the USA.  An interesting decision in the midst of the Great Depression.  Her ties were always limited production, no more than 200 of each design were ever produced.  She soon had a following with the Hollywood crowd and Frank Sinatra was especially fond of her ties.  Unfortunately her company was sold off in 1998 and although her ties are still being made they just don't have the quality of ties from the 40's-60's.  So in the end, I made a good buy.  There were actually 3 ties in the store when I was there but 2 of them were not taken care of too well by their former owner and had horrible stains.  I've heard oxyclean works well to clean them but it's an attempt I'm not about to make right now.
The Tie


  1. tie...never use it bfre but like to see man in tie... so formal.. and cool...

  2. Nice find! If "Ol' Blue Eyes" wore it, you know it was classy!
    Btw, I followed your blog, and clicked an add for ya.

  3. @Dea... I wear a shirt, tie and sportscoat most every time I go out. I just think it looks nicer than the typical baggy jeans, sweatshirt look you see downtown.

    @Liberal Stupidity... I think Frankie wore the hand painted Countess Mara ties but this one is equally nice. Love your handle BTW.


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