Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Florida Red-Bellied Cooter or Pond Slider

My husband found this baby turtle in their swimming pool turned pond in Jacksonville. At first my husband thought it was a frog, but it's a baby turtle and it's just a hatchling.

Here is another pic

That's it for now, Mabuhay!!!

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  1. So little, what a cute shot!

  2. Yaay for baby turtles! Cute pic.

  3. aw...it is super cute... it would be a great pet

  4. Woot so cute and Happy WW to you! :)

  5. I see my badge here yay, you are getting the hang of the FCC! I have added your link to the list, feel free to visit other members on the list too and hope to see you as my FC one day! :)

  6. He is cute but devilishly shy. If you get too near him he plops in the water and swims away. This species of turtle is widely captured for the pet trade and is rather common in the wild in North Florida/ South Georgia.

  7. what a cutie pie! great shots! probably better that he's shy, eh? so that people don't come snatch him up as a pet.


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