Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyday Fish Phil now has a Page Rank of 2!

Hi Guys, sorry I'm not updating my blog lately due to the fact that I'm so busy with my store and now I'm also taking care of my nephew while his mum is working. So anyway I was so shock but so happy when I open my blog today and saw that I have a page rank and its PG of 2, I couldn't believe it, I did not expect this because I'm not updating my blog lately, So right now I decide to just write a short story just to let you guys now the good news.. I'm so thankful, I wanna thank all of you guys who follow my blog, to all those fellow bloggers who is so supportive, thank you guys, I also wanna thank my husband who is my partner in this blog, Thank you mahal. Now I'm inspired to write again and update my blog hehhe. Thank you Google!

First Commenter:


  1. You're welcome you deserve it!!!

  2. That means that you are doing a really good work, so congratulations for your efforts and keep sharing quality information with us.

  3. Hi Study table, thanks for dropping by my blog...Hope you continue visiting my blog, I will visit your's soon.


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