Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flashflood in Davao City PI

A maligaya taxi got carried off by the flood.
 A man looking at his car.
child found dead.
(photo courstesy of sun star davao)

Last night a tragic disaster had happen here in our city,It was the first time that it happen overhere in our place where 15 are dead, 5 are children, and still some is still missing. It's been raining for almost everyday since the month of June, and last night it poured for almost 3 hours, Me and my family was also scared that it will flood in our place because it did flood before(last April) but not as bad as what happen right now,I think the reason why it flooded like these because the one river near Matina overflow and some of the houses are just close to the river. We're fortunate enough it did not flood in our barangay, but I can't say I'm happy because there's a lot of people who are suffering right now,especially the one who had lost their loved ones, I pray God will enlighten them in these agony they encounter right now. Let's pray for them, and I hope this a wake up call for all of us especially all the people in davao, let's take care of our mother nature, stop cutting the trees, be a good citizen by not throwing garbages everywhere, and lastly let's not forget that after all what happen right now, there's still God, and He is good to us all the time, May we continue our faith in Him...

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  1. oh my!! i'm so sorry to hear abt this tragedy at yr place. It sadden me even more to know that 5 innocent children are dead. Let's pray for God's mercy! You take care!

  2. Thanks Jean Soo, yes we are shocked until now,it was the first time it happen to us, and now its still raining hard...


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