Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally Got My Passport

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     My old passport was expired already so I have to renew it again, and  so I went to DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) here in Davao last June. First thing I did is I grab an application form, after I fill out everything, I give my application together with my old passport and a NSO security paper  of my marriage certificate  to the lady sitting in table and she said wait for our turn to be called for the picture taking. Before the picture taking the counter person will interview you first, ask you few questions like what is the reason for your passport and If your husband is a foreigner, and in my case it is, at first she told me I can't process my passport yet because I have to attend the CFO seminar to be able to get the CFO certificate which is the requirements for getting a passport (if your spouse is a foreigner), then I told her I have booked a ticket already to attend the seminar in Cebu but it will be few more months from now, she was kinda frustrated with me ( shes kinda strict lol), but at the end she let me process my passport without the CFO certificate but she let me sign like an affidavit (lol) that I have to take the seminar before they will release my new passport, So I said thank you very much maam.

   After that  they took my picture and my thumbprints and signature. And after  its done you have to wait another minute, for me I wait like almost an hour before I pay the respective fee which is 1,200 pesos for express processing, you can also pay 950.00 pesos for normal processing. And two days ago July the 20th I received a text message from DFA saying that my passport is now available for release, so after that day I went again to DFA trying my luck thinking maybe they will release it even without the certificate from CFO, and YES they did! And now I have in my hand my new machine readable passport. I was so happy, next thing I need to do is to get my NBI reports. Thanks God!!

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  1. congratulations.... ready to explore the world???? :)


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