Friday, May 4, 2012

Baltimore Trust Company

Baltimore Trust Company Advertisement 1930

OK back to writing about something fun.  We have here a 1930 ad for the Baltimore Trust Company located in Baltimore, Maryland.  The body of the ad outlines all the reasons why Baltimore is the best choice for locating your business, mostly the best deep water port on the East Coast.  Times have changed since this ad was printed and the importance of physical location has given way to web presence.

Choosing the proper website hosting like Site 5 is every bit as important now as choosing what city to locate your factory in was back in 1930.  The considerations of railroads and ports has transmuted into bandwidth and server load and can make choosing a web based hosting service a nightmare.

Since most websites are a 1 or 2 man show the decision on a web hosting service must be made after careful consideration.  Luckily we have user reviews now to compare servers and make the best choice.  Ofttimes, the best generator of business is word of mouth, and listening to other users experiences with web hosting companies can help us narrow down the choices.

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