Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ad: United Fruit Company

1916 United Fruit Co.

At one time steamships plied the waters all over the world bringing freight and more often, passengers to their destinations.  We take it for granted today that we step into an airplane which speeds down the runway and whisks us off to our destination.  In 6 1/2 hours I can go from Anchorage, Alaska to Houston, Texas.  However there was a time not so long ago that travel took longer and was more relaxed, more glamorous.

This ad is from 1916 and sells the United Fruit Company's passenger service.  United Fruit was formed in 1899 as a way of shipping tropical fruits, mainly bananas, from Latin American countries to the USA.  Over the years they fell on hard times and in the 1970's became the United Brands company.  In 1984 it underwent another name change which is the label we recognize it by today, Chiquita.

Indeed, Chiquita, along with Del Monte, is the main brand of bananas that I see in stores here.  It's always interesting to pull up these old ads and see what happened to the companies over time.  Some died a death through bankruptcy in the 1930's while others were swallowed up by competitors.  Some though soldier on, a testament to the resiliency of a good business plan. Spa Covers

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