Thursday, September 29, 2011

Case Completed at the NVC!

The last time I write about my visa petition is when our case arrived in NVC and they assigned us a case number. Things have moved along quickly and right now I'm very happy because finally our case is completed,(Sept.19,2011) which means NVC has finished processing it and thank God they approved our AOS (affidavit of support) and DS 230 (IV packet). Even though we had an RFE (Request for evidence) on the AOS, We are still amazed how fast they process it.

Our RFE is on the Affidavit of Support, the NVC requested proof of relationship between my husband and the co-sponsor, my father in law.  This was easy as my husband just sent in his birth certificate. Right now we are just waiting for the NVC to give us an interview date.  The operator said that October is full so hopefully it would be in November.  Before the interview i have to get my medical exam, which is in Manila in St. Lukes Hospital, of course its not free, the payment is $213.35. So yeah its a lot of money. But its worth it if I will pass and I will pass also the interview so that soon I can be in the loving arms of my husband...

Please guys pray for me, that I will pass my medical exam and also that I will be safe in manila. I already book a ticket for 3 days. Actually I'm not so scared to go to manila because I will have a friend with me. Like me,  she also will take the medical exam.
That's all for now. God bless us all.

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