Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lower 40 Meme, Part One

1) Who is the last person you high-fived?
No one.

2) If you were drafted into a war, would you survive.
I think so. ^^

3) Do you sleep with the TV on?
No but my father does and my 4 year old nephew, its kinda annoying cuz I'm the one who always turn it off.

4) Have you ever drunk milk straight out of the carton?
Yes a lot of times sorry lol.

5) Have you ever won a spelling bee?
No but i remember when I was in grade school, we have a spelling bee that time, I'm just the 3rd winner.

6) Have you ever been stung by a bee?
Oh yeah, it happen when where still renting a house with my husband, i went to the faucet to get water then there's a bougainvillea at the side, i didn't know there'a bee waiting for me and bit me, it was quite very painful but i went away after how many hours.

7) How fast can you type?
It depends if the keyboard is good hahah.

8) Are you afraid of the dark?
Not so anymore.

9) Eye color:
Brown and black.

10) Have you ever made out at a drive-in?
Not yet.

11) When was the last time you chose a bath over a shower?
Right now, i don't have any choice cuz our bathroom sink drains very slowly, so we can't use the shower for now.

12) Do you knock on wood?
Yup always, i guess its a filipino thing.

13) Do you floss daily?

15) Can you hula hoop?
I'm never good at it, but I can do skipping rope.

16) Are you good at keeping secrets?
Not all the time lol.

17) What do you want for Christmas?
To be with my husband and good health for my family and relatives.

18) Do you know the Muffin Man?
No. who is that?

19) Do you talk in your sleep?

20) Who wrote the book of love?
I dunno.

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  1. 6) Where was this, Insular Village?
    10) Not likely to either, there's no drive-ins left around here
    11)Why's it draining slowly?
    12) Funny I thought it was an American thing, we must have learned it from you during the colonial days
    18) HAHAHAH!
    19) Pag Shur!

  2. I won't tell anyone about the milk thing.

    Have a great rest of your day!

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