Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap Ad c.1920

Now here's an ad you just have to chuckle over.  Apparently some missionaries in the Philippines around 1920 just couldn't do without their ivory soap.  So much so they sent away to the USA for several cases of said bath product to be delivered to the far reaches of the jungle.  The scene is complete with I would suppose Moro porters bringing the wooden crates to their destination.  Interestingly enough, having lived in the Philippines for 3 years I can't say that PhilPost has gotten any more efficient.

Supposedly cleanliness is next to Godliness and by goodness, the little wife just couldn't bear another day in the scorching tropical sun without her Ivory Soap.  The ad concludes to inform the reader that Ivory is on sale in over 300,000 grocers in the US and one need not send away 11,000 for the 99 90/100 pureness.  Despite it's kitchyness and blatant racism, it's a shame ads now rely more on visual cues than actual ad text.  The average American has a short attention span and since literacy rates are going down, the new order of the day is simple and dumb.  Isn't progress grand?

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