Monday, October 31, 2011

Musings on a Progressive Society

Robert Burns Cigars occupies a place in the fabric of Americana shared with the likes of Dutch Masters and White Owls.  Before smoking became anathema, most men partook of the tobacco leaf in one form or another.  Ah I remember well the heady days of my nursery youth, spending time with my grandfather whom I had given the affectionate name "Papaherc" for reasons known only to myself.  Papaherc was a consummate man of the 1930's, even in the late 1970's and he was a cigar smoker as well.  Come to think of it, I rarely remember him actually lighting and smoking a cigar, instead he would go about his day with a Dutch Master clenched between his teeth.

Many years ago, long before the stench of Communism wafted in and defiled the tropical island to the south of Miami, we were able to procure the finest tobacco leaf in the world for the manufacture of cigars.  The Cuban handrolled cigars were expensive, even back then, and so men of short pecunious means had to make do with machine rolled Cuban cigars.  And so were born the brands that almost everyone knows today as "Drugstore Cigars".  Drugstores were as much the center of daily life as the barber shop, a place to come in, buy some cigars and a newspaper and have a chat with the Pharmacist. 

Time, however, moves inexorably forward and changes everything around us.  Swept away is the slower pace of life in a safer world in the tidal wave of "Progress" to be replaced by a hectic life where were are constantly hounded into submission by our would be "know it all" nannies.  Robert Burns cigars are still made, but in the Dominican Republic of homogenized sheet tobacco... bits and pieces of tobacco pressed into sheets and cut up, invariably treated with chemicals.  What price, progress.  I am well aware of the old saying, "You can never go home again," but don't you ever wish we could try?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Spooktacular MEME

 Today we ripped off a blogger named Jennifer from her meme blog W.T.F.  She's taken on the challenge of hosting a meme three times a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The questions she asks are unique. She works hard at it and I asked if we might steal 20 random questions (her memes are usually 8 or 9) to both challenge our players and to promote her meme.

So we are asking you to join us starting Wednesday. We know it's a long way to Hump Day and Jennifer's next W.T.F. Meme on Wednesday. So if you like these questions, write a note to join us starting on this Wednesday! We have nothing to do with her meme, other than enjoying participating in it. So I was happy when she gave me her permission to promote the blog in search of players. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The W.T.F. Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. One of my favorite TV shows recently changed the actors who played two characters. Have you ever been bothered by a TV show or movie series changing actors who play a character you love?
Well they changed the lead actor for the new season of Spartacus but since the original actor succumbed to cancer I can understand why.

2. A coworker recently shared a link to a blog listing the "five things you should know before dating a journalist." As a journalist, I can honestly say the writer was spot-on. What are some things people should know before spending time with you?
I have an acerbic personality and sometimes I let that loose but most of the time I'm pretty straightlaced and act like I come from a different time era.

3. What is something you often do without realizing that you're doing it?
That's a tough one, I'd have to say tenting my fingertips together when I'm thinking

4. Who has the capacity to make you angrier than anyone else in your life, and what in particular does he or she do to make you so angry?
Honestly, my wife.  Because she's Filipina and I'm American we have cultural differences that sometimes drive us crazy.  It's not as much of an issue after 4 years though as we have grown together.

The Gustav Stickley House

5. If a fairy waved a magic wand and gave you the house of your dreams, where would it be and what features would it have?
Gustav Stickley's house, it's a huge Arts & Crafts style home with a 3rd floor billiard room because I love playing pool.

6. What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?
If I told you, you'd disagree with me and since I hate arguing there's no point in it

7. I used to talk in my sleep. In fact, I could carry on a conversation with someone when I was fully asleep, and my mom used this fact when I was a teenager to find out if I did anything wrong and was hiding it from my parents. If you were talking your sleep tonight, what do you think you would say?
"I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep"

8. The fourth installment of the "Twilight" movie series ("Breaking Dawn Part I") will be released in theaters soon. Movie theaters started selling advance tickets for midnight showings months ago. Have you ever attended a midnight premiere showing of a movie?
Yes, Titanic

9. On Tuesday, tigers, lions and bears were let loose in Zanesville, Ohio, by their owner before he committed suicide, leading to a hunt in which 49 of the animals, including 18 endangered Bengal tigers, were killed. How would you react if you saw "Caution exotic animals. Stay in your vehicle" being displayed on a road sign?
I'd like to think I'd heed the advice and stay in my vehicle.  Honestly, if you want to be retarded and go pet the pretty endangered kitties then I'm not going to shed a tear over your stupidity after you get mauled.

10. If a company opened a theme park aimed at adults, what would you name one of the rides?
The Cowboy

11. Imagine you just moved onto Sesame Street. Which puppet would you want as your new roommate?
Oscar the Grouch, we can relate

12. Have you ever had a weird crush on a famous person that didn't make sense to you?

13. If you get ten minutes to interview any celebrity of your choice, who would you like it to be?
If I get ten minutes with a female celebrity we better be doing more than talking

14. You've just won the complete DVD collection of all the movies starring one actor or actress. Which actor/actress would you pick?
Christopher Lee

15. Actor George Clooney recently told People Magazine that he doesn't use Twitter "because I will drink in the evening and I don't want anything that I could possibly write at midnight to actually end my career." What is something you've said through social media and then regretted it?
Nothing, I only use social media for promoting my wife's blog and mine.

16. VH1 has re-introduced its hit show "Pop-Up Video," which gives behind-the-scenes facts for popular music videos. What musician would you be most interested in learning behind-the-scenes facts about?
I dunno, this is a lame question, I really don't follow the lives of the stars.  If they make good movies and good music, then I'm happy.

17. If you stumbled across someone's personal written journal that was accidentally left in a public place, would you read any of the content?
No, I believe in respecting private boundaries

18. What is the title of a self-help book that you'd never want to see on a store bookshelf?
The Idiots Guide to Recovering From Conservatism

19. Many media outlets have been asking this question a lot this week... Which Halloween costume do you think will be overdone this year?
I'll tell you on Nov 1st.

20. Should a marriage license have a renewal date or expiration date, like a driver’s license?
If that's what you think then you have no business being married.  It's a lifetime commitment and one not to be entered into foolishly or glibly.  I can honestly say, after 4 years of marriage, I love my wife more now than I did when I met her.  That's what marriage is truly about, letting love grow.

This MEME was answered by BrSpiritus of The Vintage Recipe Blog

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ad: Prince Albert Tobacco

Yes while you're there plinking with your .22 and puffing on your pipe the little lady looks on adoringly mesmerized by your superior marksmanship.  It's amazing how out of touch with reality most advertising is, but this is nothing new, just look at ads on TV.  Do you ever see a McDonalds commercial that features a fat person?  nope, didn't think so.  Of course the product this ad is selling, well you're only going to find it in vintage ads anymore because all tobacco, even pipe tobacco, has been sanitized from the pages of magazines. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please Pardon Our Dust...

I know this place has gone to the dogs lately because of my wife's computer going haywire but just bear with us while we get away from all the paid posts and start writing again.  I will of course be focusing on the vintage ads as before and we will be updating as neccessary with the visa process.  We are just counting the days until my wife goes to Manila for her November 3rd interview at the Embassy.  I don't see any impediment to her getting approved and after she gets her passport back she will fly to the states.

Once she is here in the USA I am rather unsure of the future of Everyday Fish, as the whole premise of this blog was originally to document the visa journey.  However over time my wife has been busy with other things as have I, and we haven't put as much into Everyday Fish as we would have liked.  For that I apologize, but as John Lennon said "Life is the stuff that happens when you're busy making plans."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hawaii Real Estate

Hawaii, land of perfect weather, beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery.  These lovely islands in the Pacific has always been associated with easy living in the tropics.  The dream of being able to afford Hawaii Real Estate used to be a distant one... until now.  Maui Real Estate is a comprehensive search engine combining available listings for the Hawaiian Islands into one easy to navigate website.  You can browse featured listings or with their comprehensive quick search, located conveniently on the front page, you can enter in whatever price, location and amenities you are looking for and then browse the results to see which properties suit your needs.

Hawaii Real Estate also features vacation rentals when you're just looking for a property for a week so you can get away from those December chills.  While there, you can find out whats happening around town with their blog.  Everything at your fingertips in one concise and easy to navigate site.  In today's market, information is king and with this website all the information you will ever need on real estate in Hawaii is in one place.

In these old ads you see the allure of Hawaii, pristine beauty in an otherwise mundane world.  Back then you had to rely on ad artists to render you the best depiction of what it was like to vacation in Hawaii.  This, however, is the modern world; Check out their website and you will notice a link for a webcam that takes you to a live shot of Charley Young Beach at Kamaole I Beach in Kihei.  Now you can see in real time what you've been missing out on and why Hawaii really is, the best paradise on Earth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini Pendant Lights

1922 Congoleum

If you've ever been inside an old house that was never renovated you'll notice that kitchen design has changed drastically since the 1920's.  Kitchens back then were cramped, utilitarian and small compared to the wide flowing spaces we see in modern home design.  They were also dark, utilizing only one ceiling light to illuminate the entire room.  This one light often proved inadequate to the task as your shadow would cast over the work area making it hard to see what you were doing.

Times have changed though with the advent of mini pendant lights.  These lights are small and hang over the work area, be it a counter top, sink or stove, and provide ample light just where it's needed.  These lights have gained popularity in recent years and are often hung in groups of  3 or 4 lights over breakfast bars and nooks within the kitchen.  They are available in a wide variety of styles to fit the needs of any decor and their cost is affordable for tight design budgets.  Mini pendant lights give you the flexibility of providing light where you need it most utilizing an attractive design that will have your neighbors asking where you got such wonderful lamps.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, Oct. 19th

Ladybug on the Mexican Firecracker Bush in the back yard

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oxford Medical

Medical training does not stop when you graduate from college, instead it is an ongoing process through Continuing Professional Development (CPD for short).  After you leave school, you will be entering a workforce that is highly competitive.  Making your strengths shine above all other candidates will be an important factor in getting the job you want.  Taking a Consultant Interview Course will prepare you for the important step of your AAC Panel Interview.  Their 1 day course will ensure you have the knowledge to give a proper medical presentation and help you to better understand what to expect during your interview.

If you are a doctor or surgical fellow looking to satisfy your requirements for "Teach the Teacher" (also known as Train the Trainer) then look no further than Oxford Medical.  They have a Medical Teaching Course that is right for you.  The 2 day class will focus on all aspects of teaching and training in order to make you more effective.  Lectures, Seminars, 1-to-1 Teaching and Problem Based Learning are all covered in this highly informative Teach the Teacher Course.

Finally, the most important aspect of being a doctor is Management.  Oxford Medical offers a comprehensive 3 day Medical Management Course developed by the Royal Medical Colleges in association with the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement.  During the 3 days of class, students will be taken through all the steps of being an effective manager including Leadership Training, Time Management and Business Planning.

Oxford Medical is your solution to your CPD needs.  With campuses in both London and Oxford and varied schedule of classes, you are sure to find the right fit to obtain your CPD points.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Medical Is Done!

Well my wife just got back from Manila where she was having her Medical Exam for the Visa.  There was a little issue the first day of lung capacity but when she came back to finish up the next day she was fine and passed the exam with flying colors.  This is the last big hurdle to overcome for us before she goes to Manila on Nov. 3rd for her visa interview.  Please lets continue to pray that she will pass the interview because it has been 1 1/2 years now since I have seen my wife and I'm going to lose my mind if I can't have her here before the holidays.

While in Manila she shared a hotel with some friends she has met along the Visa Journey road as they were up there for their medical exams as well.  My wife was excited because she got to ride a train (Manila LRT) for the first time in her life, even though it was crowded.  The also got to do some fun things around Manila and attended mass at Baclaran Church.  Just 2 more weeks and she'll be back in Manila for the interview, time is surely moving quickly now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jessica London: Plus Sized Dresses

It can be hard to find the right sized dress at the right price, that's why it's so important to shop around.  If you're looking for plus sized dresses then look not farther than Jessica London.  They have all the best styles in your size at the right price.  Whether it work wear, casual or just warm clothes for the cooler weather ahead you can find all your needs here.

As if the price of their dresses wasn't good enough, you can enjoy free shipping everyday.  No need to hassle with going to the store because you can find what you're looking for right at home and not have to worry about shipping costs.  After you receive your item if there's any problem, Jessica London has a no hassle exchange program to get the item you want.

So if you're a plus sized woman looking for plus sized dresses, look not further than Jessica London.  They have the clothes you need to look fashionable at prices that beat going to the department store.  Stop on by today and sign up for their mailing list and get a 40% off coupon delivered to your e-mail as a thank you.

Wordless Wednesday, Oct. 12th

Red Shouldered Hawk
  I took this picture with my Nikon D40, 55-200mm Telephoto Lens.  The hawk was sitting on the bottom branch of the Live Oak tree looking for dinner.

BrSpiritus is filling in for Fishlover this week while she is in Manila for her Visa Physical.
You can check out my blog at:  The Vintage Recipe Blog

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've Got My Interview Date!!

September 30th when I got an email from NVC with my interview date, My husband and I did not expect it but we were so happy! I got a case complete on September 19th, and the operator keep saying that they will only give a schedule for interview every second week of the month, so I was not expecting they will email me soon with my interview date. But I was really happy and thankful to God and Mama Mary for my interview date, it will be on first week of November. So I still have a month to be prepared.

I'm very nervous, and I still can't believe how fast the process is, It took us exactly 204 days from filling the visa to the interview. We were just lucky its a smooth process and there's no delays so I'm very thankful. Right now I'm preparing all the documents that I need to bring with me to the interview day like- civil documents (Birth & Marriage Certificate both NSO Copy), NBI clearance, AOS packet (Affidavit of Support),Wedding pictures, some proof of relationship etc etc.

But before I will go to my interview, I have to take a medical examination, this will be in St. Luke's in Manila. I was lucky I meet some friends in Visa Journey, so I'm not gonna be alone travelling and staying in a hotel. I really hope and pray that God bless us on that day, that our medical will be smooth. In preparation for my medical, I went to the dentist the other day to get my teeth fix. I was just happy I found a dentist that I like and affordable. Our only problem is we can't decide which hotel to stay while doing our medical, We want a hotel that is near in St. Luke's but of course we want it affordable but not a cheap hotel. I hope we can find one that we like soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Straight Talk

Hook, line and sinker
Everyone today is trying their best to save money and one of the best ways to do so is by cutting your cell phone bill.  Years ago pre-paid service was a joke and the way to go was with a 2 year contract but let's face it, with rising costs who wants to spend $80 a month on a cellphone and be locked into a contract for 2 years?
Android on Straight Talk
Straight Talk is the best alternative to rising contract prices.  I love the way I feel richer because I cut my cell phone bill in half.  Yes you heard me right, better than half actually because with Straight Talk's "All You Need Plan" you get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 Texts and 30Mb of data for $30 a month.  That's a $50 savings!  What could you be doing right now with an extra $50 a month in your pocket?  How much are you paying right now for your cell service?  Think about how much you could be saving if you went with a the no strings attached service offered by Straight Talk.
Everything you need
With Straight Talk there are, No Contracts, No Credit Checks and No Surprise Bills and Fees.  They offer great coverage nationwide and have phones from trusted manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.  With reconditioned phones to choose from in addition to new, you could pay as little as $10 for your phone. Need more time than the "All You Need Plan" I mentioned above?  No problem, for $15 more per month you upgrade to Unlimited service.  That's right, just $45 a month and you get unlimited everything, that's just $499 a year.  I used to pay over $900 a year and NOTHING was unlimited with that plan... see feeling richer already aren't you? Also no plan, no contracts and no commitments means you're free from early termination fees, activation fees and reconnect fees.  The thing I like best is no 411 fees either, other prepaid plans don't include 411 calls in their unlimited plans but Straight Talk does.  Straight Talk recently introduced International Long Distance Service which is a flexible pre-paid service that allows you to place calls to foreign countries at a very competitive rate.
Call a friend
I think I saved the best for last, you know how most pre-paid plans only offer you junky phones that were cutting edge 5 years ago?  Straight Talk blows them all away!  Get the latest Smart Phones and Touch Screen Phones with Apps like Navigation, Instant Messaging, Cameras, Video Recorders, Bluetooth and more.  Enjoy full functionality of all these features while on the Smart Talk Pre-Paid service.

TGI Friday's Entree's For One

It's been years since I remember the first TGI Friday's opening where I lived and I remember the excitement around the opening like it was yesterday.  We had all heard about TGI Friday's before and now we were finally able to go to one.  Well hold on to your hats because Friday's just got a whole lot better!  Introducing the new T.G.I. FRiDAY’S “EntrĂ©es for One” based on their most popular dishes that you've known and loved at the restaurant for years.
I was very happy to get the chance to review one of these new entree's because I have enjoyed the good food and fun of going to the restaurant for years.  I chose the Sizzling Chicken Fajitas because I enjoy good southwestern cuisine.  Although I had many other choices all equally as appealing from the box graphics, I had my heart set on some chicken fajitas so away we went.  I was impressed with the ease of preparation, simply microwave the tray for 2 mins, peel back the plastic and stir, then heat 2 mins more.  The box said heat the tortilla wraps 45 seconds but I stopped it at 30 because they were done, the difference coming from microwave wattages.
I was very Impressed with the amount of filling for the Fajitas, and they give you a side dish as well, in this case a Tex-Mex Rice you can see below:
The final presentation, as you can see, fills the plate rather well.  The taste was what I have come to expect from Friday's foods, spiced well but balanced with the flavor of the entree itself.  The Rice was extremely tasty being flavored with black beans, corn and cheese.
TGI Friday's is also having a Fun Freezer contest.  To Enter, decorate your freezer at home with your own fun flair and take a picture.  Upload the picture to the TGI Friday Facebook page and get a chance to win cool prizes including a home theater makeover.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ad: Edgeworth Tobacco and Sunsweet

This is an interesting combination of ads, sunsweet prune juice and Edgeworth Tobacco.  The ads are from a page in Life Magazine date unknown but probably sometime in the late 40's.    Really I grabbed the ad for the Edgeworth  but the prune juice was a bonus

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Entrecard Dropper of the Month of September!

Thank you guys for dropping, See you again next month!

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