Monday, October 3, 2011

Ad: Edgeworth Tobacco and Sunsweet

This is an interesting combination of ads, sunsweet prune juice and Edgeworth Tobacco.  The ads are from a page in Life Magazine date unknown but probably sometime in the late 40's.    Really I grabbed the ad for the Edgeworth  but the prune juice was a bonus

Edgeworth was a tobacco company in Richmond, Va dating from the early 1900's.  Their pipe tobacco was a proprietary blend of Burley, White Burley and Red Virginia tobaccos and was flavoured with cocoa, rum and anise.  It came in two formats (that I know of) full flake in a tin and a ready rubbed version.  Both were available when I first started smoking a pipe back in the 90's and it's really the tobacco I cut my teeth on when I was learning to smoke a pipe.  Over the years the flake version was eventually dropped and finally around 2008 the company filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors.  The City of Richmond, Va. is still trying to get rid of the old factory to be converted to a museum or apartments.  I mourn the loss of Edgeworth as unlike other venerable American Burley Blends like Prince Albert, Granger and others, they never sacrificed quality in the name of quantity.  I'm not totally out of luck though as through their Hearth & Home brand makes what they call Classic Burley Cake, a dead ringer for Edgeworth in my opinion.

As for the prune juice, well constipation must have been a real issue in the past just as now since advertisers spent an inordinate amount of time and money hocking various constipation relief aids.  Prune Juice, Bran, various Laxative Salts all were sold as the miracle cure for various ailments thought to be brought on by constipation.  Thing is, time never change, witness the myriad of colon cleansing quackery sold today.  The more we go forward, the more we just go back.

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