Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ad: Prince Albert Tobacco

Yes while you're there plinking with your .22 and puffing on your pipe the little lady looks on adoringly mesmerized by your superior marksmanship.  It's amazing how out of touch with reality most advertising is, but this is nothing new, just look at ads on TV.  Do you ever see a McDonalds commercial that features a fat person?  nope, didn't think so.  Of course the product this ad is selling, well you're only going to find it in vintage ads anymore because all tobacco, even pipe tobacco, has been sanitized from the pages of magazines. 

Prince Albert is still around though.  This venerable brand still has a following amongst pipe smokers as being an "Old Codger Burley".  Made of toasted straight Kentucky burley it's an all day, everyday smoke that delivers a good bang for your buck.  What I don't like about it is the modern day addition of Propylene Glycol, a humectant meant to keep the tobacco from drying out.  The only problems are that PG keeps the tobacco to moist which means you end up with some goop at the bottom of the bowl.  Also, and this is wholly my opinion, PG gives the tobacco an off taste. 

That being said, when I first started smoking a pipe I started with Prince Albert, it was inexpensive and the learning curve was not so bad.  I quickly moved on to other tobaccos and settled on my much missed Edgeworth Ready Rubbed and Edgeworth Sliced.  I've also been known to smoke Granger from time to time as well, but in my current pipe smoking career, I have gravitated to more highbrow tobacco.  Price Albert however, still has a place in my humidor as it is a fantastic tobacco with which to break in a new pipe and start building up cake.

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  1. Ha! Your comments on realistic advertising are so the McDonald's example.


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