Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've Got My Interview Date!!

September 30th when I got an email from NVC with my interview date, My husband and I did not expect it but we were so happy! I got a case complete on September 19th, and the operator keep saying that they will only give a schedule for interview every second week of the month, so I was not expecting they will email me soon with my interview date. But I was really happy and thankful to God and Mama Mary for my interview date, it will be on first week of November. So I still have a month to be prepared.

I'm very nervous, and I still can't believe how fast the process is, It took us exactly 204 days from filling the visa to the interview. We were just lucky its a smooth process and there's no delays so I'm very thankful. Right now I'm preparing all the documents that I need to bring with me to the interview day like- civil documents (Birth & Marriage Certificate both NSO Copy), NBI clearance, AOS packet (Affidavit of Support),Wedding pictures, some proof of relationship etc etc.

But before I will go to my interview, I have to take a medical examination, this will be in St. Luke's in Manila. I was lucky I meet some friends in Visa Journey, so I'm not gonna be alone travelling and staying in a hotel. I really hope and pray that God bless us on that day, that our medical will be smooth. In preparation for my medical, I went to the dentist the other day to get my teeth fix. I was just happy I found a dentist that I like and affordable. Our only problem is we can't decide which hotel to stay while doing our medical, We want a hotel that is near in St. Luke's but of course we want it affordable but not a cheap hotel. I hope we can find one that we like soon.

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