Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please Pardon Our Dust...

I know this place has gone to the dogs lately because of my wife's computer going haywire but just bear with us while we get away from all the paid posts and start writing again.  I will of course be focusing on the vintage ads as before and we will be updating as neccessary with the visa process.  We are just counting the days until my wife goes to Manila for her November 3rd interview at the Embassy.  I don't see any impediment to her getting approved and after she gets her passport back she will fly to the states.

Once she is here in the USA I am rather unsure of the future of Everyday Fish, as the whole premise of this blog was originally to document the visa journey.  However over time my wife has been busy with other things as have I, and we haven't put as much into Everyday Fish as we would have liked.  For that I apologize, but as John Lennon said "Life is the stuff that happens when you're busy making plans."

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