Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Straight Talk

Hook, line and sinker
Everyone today is trying their best to save money and one of the best ways to do so is by cutting your cell phone bill.  Years ago pre-paid service was a joke and the way to go was with a 2 year contract but let's face it, with rising costs who wants to spend $80 a month on a cellphone and be locked into a contract for 2 years?
Android on Straight Talk
Straight Talk is the best alternative to rising contract prices.  I love the way I feel richer because I cut my cell phone bill in half.  Yes you heard me right, better than half actually because with Straight Talk's "All You Need Plan" you get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 Texts and 30Mb of data for $30 a month.  That's a $50 savings!  What could you be doing right now with an extra $50 a month in your pocket?  How much are you paying right now for your cell service?  Think about how much you could be saving if you went with a the no strings attached service offered by Straight Talk.
Everything you need
With Straight Talk there are, No Contracts, No Credit Checks and No Surprise Bills and Fees.  They offer great coverage nationwide and have phones from trusted manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.  With reconditioned phones to choose from in addition to new, you could pay as little as $10 for your phone. Need more time than the "All You Need Plan" I mentioned above?  No problem, for $15 more per month you upgrade to Unlimited service.  That's right, just $45 a month and you get unlimited everything, that's just $499 a year.  I used to pay over $900 a year and NOTHING was unlimited with that plan... see feeling richer already aren't you? Also no plan, no contracts and no commitments means you're free from early termination fees, activation fees and reconnect fees.  The thing I like best is no 411 fees either, other prepaid plans don't include 411 calls in their unlimited plans but Straight Talk does.  Straight Talk recently introduced International Long Distance Service which is a flexible pre-paid service that allows you to place calls to foreign countries at a very competitive rate.
Call a friend
I think I saved the best for last, you know how most pre-paid plans only offer you junky phones that were cutting edge 5 years ago?  Straight Talk blows them all away!  Get the latest Smart Phones and Touch Screen Phones with Apps like Navigation, Instant Messaging, Cameras, Video Recorders, Bluetooth and more.  Enjoy full functionality of all these features while on the Smart Talk Pre-Paid service.

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