Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally Here On American Soil!!!

This is a late post due to reason I was so hectic the last few weeks. Right now I'm here in the USA with my loving husband finally!!!! I received my Visa on  November 09, 2011. Thank God the long journey is over. November 16th (Phil. time) was my flight to the USA,  I flew to Manila one day earlier than my flight, because I still have to get my sticker in CFO in Manila. I stayed in the hotel with one friend I meet in Visa Journey, we were together until we arrived in Tokyo, Japan.  She has to go on another flight because she was going to Kansas, while me on the other hand is going to Atlanta, that's my Point of Entry. I was very happy my flight was smooth and no delays thank God, I was very nervous at first because it was my first international flight and I'm just alone but it turned out very good, so I'm proud of myself heheh. My POE is fast, the only thing that I have to wait a little longer is in the Passport Control, ecause the line was kinda long but it was okay because the officer just ask me common questions like "Who is my petitioner" and get my thumb marks, and after that he ask me if I have my visa packet, after that he showed the next step, which is the POE, I was lucky that time, we're only two people including me who is in there, the officer just ask me did I bring some food with me, tobacco etc., and ask how much money I have with me, then they let me sign another paper, and get my thumb mark again now with ink, then its all done, I even ask the guy " is that all Sir?" then he answered me " Yes Welcome to the USA! then he also said that I should get my Green Card in 4 weeks or so.

After I'm done with all the Immigration stuff, I ran to find where is my gate, because Atlanta airport is very huge, I was really exhausted and tired of walking that time. My next flight was Jacksonville,where my father in law and my husband was living, after 1 hour and 25 minute, our plane landed already and outside I saw my husband waving at me, and My father in law was also there taking picture of us. It was so relived to see my husband after 1 year and 7 months of not seeing each other, I can finally hug him lol, He even can't believe himself that I was there with him ready to go home. My father in law was kind enough to drive us home. Thank God for all the guidance and Blessings. I can't really make it without God's guidance and also my family with there unending love to me, especially my mother. I hope that I can manage to adopt my new home over here, I know its not easy but my husband is always there for me, and that's why I love him so much.

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  1. Big congrats, sis! It's great to see that you're finally with your husband! :D


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