Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Christmas in USA.

We just had a simple dinner for Christmas, My Father in law cook pork roast and boiled potatoes. We have fun though, having our conversation, and then my step mother in law came with her Christmas gifts for us and with a lot of cookies for us too. We didn't have a chance to attend the Christmas Eve mass, but we did go  in the morning to hear a mass in Immaculate Conception Church in downtown Jacksonville, I was happy that my father in law decided to go with us, he is not a church goer but that time he just came with us to take picture of the old buildings over there and the church and not to hear the mass. But It's okay I think he did enjoy it because he told us that his gonna drive us again next sunday which is the new year's eve mass. The mass that we attended with my husband is a Tridentine mass or a Latin mass, the church was so beautiful with the five Christmas tree and Manger with it, its definitely a sacred mass. After the mass we go home and open our gifts, and we greet each other a Merry Christmas.
My first christmas gift.

 First Christmas Card.

What I really miss this Christmas is I think a lot, In the Philippines I used to get annoyed by the carolers, now I miss them heheh. Of course there's no carolers overhere. But they do decorate also. I miss the smiles of the people, I think there just so busy  that they forgot to smile, I miss the simbang gabi ( midnight mass), but thanks for the technology these days, I can still watch online thru live streaming. It was my first time to miss the midnight mass. And of course the food, its different overhere, Christmas is not a big thing for them, but to us Filipino, even if we just have enough money to celebrate, we still find a way to really make the Christmas a special occasion, I mean we cook a lot of variety food and desserts. I miss my family also. But I'm still thankful to God that I'm here in the US celebrating it with my husband.
Our gifts from my sister in law.

My Christmas Gift from my Mother in law.

Cookies and sweets stuff from mum in law.

This was my favorite a mini cake with cream cheese and apricot.

In the other hand what I like overhere is they like to give gifts, See in the Philippines I'm the one who give gifts to all my family and relatives, but you don't get in return well not that I'm expecting in return also, but it feels good to received a gift also. So what I got this Christmas is okay, My husband was being practical he bought me a 1 year domain, but I feel bad I didn't give him anything, well he understand I don't have a work yet.
My sister in law got me a girly stuff, and I was not expecting it also, but I'm very touched she said that I'm part of their family.  My mother in law give me a very beautiful sweater, and my friend from Texas gave me Christmas Card, a Ornaments from Texas and A nice Scarf. I feel blessed.
So what about you guys, what did Santa give you? See yah all!!!

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  1. Good to cherished it sis Venice....:) Kalami sa cookies...hehe....


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