Saturday, January 28, 2012

My New Favourite Fruit

Since I arrived here in the US, I haven't seen any mangoes that I like. The ones I have seen that come from Mexico are like more of an apple mango than the ripe mango that we have in the Philippines.  Its color is green and red and its already ripe but doesn't look ripe to me. Our Philippine mango is yellow when its ripe, that's what I really miss, the taste of it, the sweetness. I really miss it so much, not just mangoes but I miss all the fruits in the Philippines, its just  so easy over there to go to the mall or in your neighborhood sari-sari store and you can buy all the fruits that you want.

Here in the US, they have different varieties of fruits. We live in Florida so the there's a lot of Oranges overhere, I see every house here they have orange and lemon tree in their garden.  My father in law has 2 kinds of orange tree also, one is Tangelo and one is Satsuma or Mandarin Orange. It just so easy to grab some of it if you want orange juice in the morning, but I'm not really a fan of orange I dunno why hehehe. But My husband bought some blueberries and strawberries the other day.  The blueberries he's going to use for a pie. On the other hand, when I tried the strawberries wow! I liked it so much and I can't get enough of it already.

 This time is the berries season, my husband told me I should enjoy it while it still in season because it will be gone, sure you can still find some but they will not be affordable anymore and they will be shipped in from California or South America and the taste will not be the same. We got berries for $5.00 and it was Bogo too (buy 1 take 1). My husband also bought me a pineapple in The Fresh Market which is like a neighborhood supermarket over here, they sell basically all fresh fruits, vegetable and meats but its nice because its still feels like you're in a mall because its clean and it is air conditioned.  I did not eat my pineapple for right now so I don't know if it taste like the one from the Philippines. But It was kinda expensive we got it for $4.99 also but not buy 1 take 1. I was thinking I could get it for just 20 pesos( .50 cents)in the Philippines, oh well everything is expensive over here compared to the Philippines. How about you guys? What is your favorite fruit?


  1. it is interesting to read about the fruits in different pasts of the world...we are fruit lovers in our house..and we eat all the fruits that are in season.

    1. We have strawberries in the Philippines too, but the taste its not quite the same like the strawberries here in Florida, I really love the strawberries overhere, I'm glad its in season right now.

  2. Entrecard is down, so i just leave a comment to let you know that i came here....But mango is also my favorite fruits, green mango with bagoong.


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