Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our House...

Last week I wrote about having been in the United States for 2 months. Today I'd like to describe to you the house and the neighborhood I'm living in with my husband . When I first was planning to move to the USA I was worried that the house was in the province, you know what I mean if you are Pinay.  A house that is out where there is no jeepney, no malls, and nothing to do.  In a way I was right, but it's not as bad as I imagined.  The house is, as the Americans call it, "The Suburbs" about 14 miles from the downtown of Jacksonville.  There's bus here, but it is very infrequent... so much so that I miss the jeepney from the Phils.  You really have to have a car if you are living in the USA because the public transportation is so hard to follow.  We are within walking distance of a couple of shopping centers but it's almost 1k to walk there.  Going to church is also a problem as the only really good Catholic church is downtown which means getting up at 5am to catch a bus and go downtown for the 8am mass.  Plus the fee is so mahal!  $1 per ride or P43! Grabeh!

The good thing is we are near the beach here, just a short drive and you are there... but at this time of year the water is too cold to want to swim and the waves are bigger than I am used to.  My husband also said there are sharks in the waters here although he assures me that they are (relatively) harmless.  Here in the house we also have a swimming pool, and yes those are ducks.  They show up every spring and stay until they find a pond to mate in and raise their young.  The only problem with the swimming pool is the same as the ocean this time of year, too cold to swim in.  Perhaps if I had a pool heater to warm the water we could use it all year long.

In all fairness, I am very happy here for the moment.  My husband and I are planning to buy a house downtown after we get back from working in Alaska.  This house is just too big for the 3 of us (my father-in-law lives here as well) and we want something less expensive and more sized to our needs.

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