Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another FB Games

In my last post the other day I tackled about going to the Ash Wednesday mass.  We did go to the church in Assumption Church in downtown Jacksonville, but when we arrived there the mass has already started and they are done with the alms giving.  I was really sad and frustrated, because the mass started earlier than supposed to be, in the church website it says the mass will start on 7:30 am, but then they changed it to 7:15 am and the mass just took  30 minutes and its done, unlike the regular mass that will take an hour.  My husband said they do that here so the people can still go to their work after the mass. I was thinking its different in the Philippines, the mass is still a whole mass even though its an Ash Wednesday mass.  Oh well I should start to teach myself  not to compare things here in the US and in the Philippines.   So what I do while I'm in the church is I just stick a candle and offer a small prayer,that's the least I can do because we were late for the mass.
Angry Bird with the pig with helmet

My husband was kind of frustrated also because last year he did attend the Ash Wednesday mass.  I was thinking its was my  fault we got there late, because I stay up late again last night  playing games on Facebook again.  But then my husband said its okay its not my fault, because we didn't know its gonna start early this time, though we are sorry because we just waste the gas for nothing.  Oh back to playing games, last year I was got hook on playing games on Facebook, to the point that I will stay late at night just to play games.  It was my only way to get out of my mind that time while waiting for my visa, so I spend my time playing a lot of games, like Farmtown, Farmville, CafeWorld, Pet Society, Mafia Wars and many more.  Then after awhile I got tired of it, until last month I started playing Castleville again, and I got hook again lol. My husband he played also for a short time then he got bored also, but what he is playing right now is the Angry Bird games, I like it also but I had a hard time hitting all the pigs, especially when you get to level that the pigs will wear helmets.  But my husband is good with it, he can easily level up and hit those annoying pigs lol.

How about you? What games do you play in FB? Maybe you can add me in your kingdom if you play Castleville, I need more neighbors :).

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