Friday, February 3, 2012

Believers in Jacksonville

Believers in Jacksonville was a civic group that was trying, after the land boom had fizzled out, to recapture some of the commerce that had flowed through Jacksonville.  Since before the American Civil War, Jacksonville had been the gateway to Florida, a title that is equally applicable today even though the city council seems to be doing their level best to keep the tumbleweed business alive downtown.  The fact is Jacksonville is a major rail hub in addition to being a major port.  The availability of rail makes our port more enticing to overseas shippers and the goods flow, everything from oranges to a turnbuckle, it passes through Jacksonville.  Currently the country of Panama is in the process of widening the Panama Canal.  When it is finished in 2013-2014 the world's largest containerized cargo ships will be able to shave weeks off of their sailing time by going through the canal rather than around the Cape of Good Hope.  If the city would get a clue, especially the Port Authority, they would be making preparations to capture the sudden swell in cargo coming through the canal, especially since we have 3 major railroads that come into town.  Railroads that would be able to deliver goods from ships in the port to all corners of the USA and Canada.  It's time for the city council to become a "believer in Jacksonville" and take the necessary steps to ensure our city's health for the future... before it's too late.

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