Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cleaning Is Not Easy

Yesterday we are so busy cleaning the house, In preparation for our visitor this weekend.  I was assign to clean the living room and the kitchen, so I start sweeping in the kitchen first and then after sweeping I  start mopping the floor. I started cleaning in the morning and I was done after noon.  While my  husband was cleaning the bathroom and the cat litter, which I like because I really don't like cleaning the cat litter heheh.  I rather do all the house chores and all that, than cleaning the cat litter.  I mean because in the Philippines, our cat is an outside cat not indoor so we don't need a cat litter and where not used to cleaning cat's waste.  I do love cats though, I am a pet lover even when I was a kid, I used to have a lot of cats and dogs so don't get me wrong if I don't want cat litter in the house lol.
My husband is planning to cook lasagna for our dinner this weekend, and he is going to make Tiramisu for dessert.  I am kinda excited for the dessert, its been a long time since I had tiramisu.
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The only thing that's giving me hard time when I'm cleaning is when I have to reach areas that I can't reach because I'm too short, like the cabinets where they put all the baking utensils.  I have to used a ladder or when I'm in the Philippines I always used a stool.  Its a good thing my father has a  metal step stool.   It is really a big help for people like me who is just 5'0 tall.  Okay enough of my ranting, I hope you have a good weekend everybody!

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  1. Cleaning is not an easy task. But if you do it as a team, just like what you and your husband did, it made it not so difficult right? Its really a good thing that your father had a metal step stool because if not, maybe you would not finish your cleaning chores until now. heheh. Just kidding. By the way, just to remind you to wear safety gadgets like gloves and mask during the cleaning process, especially your husband who do the bathroom cleaning. There are many bacteria over there that could harm your health.


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