Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clipix - Virtual Organization

My husband tells me that I'm the most disorganized person he knows, especially on the internet.  I surf the internet often and just bookmark anything and everything that catches my eye.  The only problem is I get so many bookmarks it takes hours to organize them all and even to find a particular bookmark that I'm looking for.  All that has changed now that he's introduced me to clipix.
Clipix is a great new way to keep everything you need on the internet neat, organized and right at your fingertips.  The best part is the amazingly useful tool is 100% free to use.  You simply install the Clipix button on your browser's bookmark toolbar and you're off.  Every time you want to bookmark something for later just click the clipix button and an easy interface appears that allows you to specify which category  (called clipboards) you want to put the bookmarked page in.  On your account it's easy to share your bookmarks and even whole clipboards across social media and with your clipix friends.  Here's a video to get you started:
I'm sure like I did, you'll find a amazing amount of things to use clipix for as your surfing the web.  I know my husband uses his for recipes and I use mine to keep track of all the great coupon sites on the web.  What would you use it for?

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