Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

My husband surprised me the other day for a date, at first I didn't know that he's gonna surprise me that is gonna our advance Valentine's date after my class we usually go home but that time my husband said that were going to eat lunch somewhere else, he didn't want to say where were going so I just follow him.  He brought me to Regency Square mall, where the Island Cafe is located.  He knows that I'm craving for Filipino food, and he wanted to surprise me with this Filipino restaurant he found online.  Island Cafe Filipino Cuisine is the name of the restaurant, when I first saw the place I was not really impressed but when I tasted their food, wow it is really delicious.  I felt like I was in the Philippines!  We ordered a combo meal  which is fried rice, chicken adobo and beef egg rolls for my husband, while I had fried rice, chicken curry and veggie egg rolls (lumpia). We really had fun having our lunch at that Filipino restaurant, its not crowded and its very affordable, we only pay $13 for everything included our drinks.  They served halo-halo also for $6, but too bad I don't have a  space for it anymore because we were so full, we did not even finish our food.  Next time when we're craving for Filipino foods again, we know where  to go.  We even have a plan what to order next time we go there to eat, my husband wants pancit canton and longanisa and halo-halo for dessert while me I want to have the daing na bangus (smoked milk fish) and steam white rice, because I really miss eating white rice.  Here in the house, we only eat brown rice, so for the past 3 months that I've been here I only eat brown rice, how fun is that. 

After our lunch date, I thought we are going home and call it a day but my husband said we're not done yet, he brought me to the Victoria Secret store. It was my first time to be in that store, I was amazed with all the stuff they have, lingerie's, perfume and colognes, lotions and make up.  My husband decided to give  me a lingerie package, though I was having a hard time choosing which one I want, because its so hard to decide I like all of them hehehe.  He said it his advanced valentines gift for me.  I was very happy!  They also give me a coupon good until the end of this month. If my husband will drag me again over there I would love to try their  perfumes and lotions I know there all smell good but not cheap though. 

I still don't know what to give for my husband this Valentines, he doesn't like cards.  I'm really having a hard time thinking what to give my husband, especially that I don't have a job yet my option is limited heheh.  My budget for my gift for him is only $10 hahah I know I'm so cheap.  So anyone who can suggest what is the best Valentines gift for my husband that is worth $10?  I would love your suggestion.

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  1. It is really interesting to surprise someone with the fabulous gift ideas. I really enjoyed reading your post, I hope the love will never fade away between you. Thans for sharing your experience with us.


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