Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Season of Lent

Picture from Ash Wednesday

 Tomorrow is the start of the Lenten Season.  Ash Wednesday is the season of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.  In the Philippines we also call it Holy Week, with Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and ends on Easter Sunday.  It is our  tradition to attend a mass on Ash Wednesday, and be part of  The Station of the Cross (The Way of The Cross) on the eve of Easter Sunday, though I don't know If they do this stuff here in the states.  That's the thing that I missed when I'm still in the Philippines, the church is just jeepney away, unlike here its very far, because the only catholic church that we attend and we like  is the one in downtown area like 12 miles away, and I'm not sure if they also do The Station of the Cross here like in the Philippines, when you have to wake up 3 in the morning to attend the Way of the Cross by just walking until you reach the church and while you were walking we say all the Mysteries of the Rosary, so its really a sacrifice.  And though its not an obligation hundreds of people will attend, because we feel that Lent is the season for penance and prayers, and that just happen once a year, so we really make a way that we can attend it even though you have to walk  how many kilometers until you reach the church and not to mention the heat of the sun in that day.

  As for tomorrow I will definitely attend the mass for Ash Wednesday and have ashes put on my forehead.  Even though I'm a little bit sick right now, I have a runny nose and I have also an upset stomach, maybe its the food that I ate the other day, my husband said its a food allergy called austin allergist.

I wanted to share a Lenten Meditation from my Treasury Novena Book:
Lent is a time of instruction and listening.  Faith comes by hearing, which certainly includes reading and study. It is a time of listening.  The Word of God is given to us in abundance. The Gospels and Lenten Readings are a  rich source of faith, conversion, and turning back to a God Who is already waiting and loving us.  We are asked to make the Word of God  a judgement upon our lives and a means of personal evaluation.
But this will become fruitful only by the grace of God which we receive through Sacraments and prayer, especially through the Sacrifice of the Mass.  Meditation on the Passion of Christ is a favorite means of showing our gratitude to our Lord for having suffered and died for us.  The Way of the Cross should not be considered outdated.  Making a Lenten Novena at least once during Lent will prove very beneficial in deepening our prayer-life.


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