Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thanks, Internet!

The one thing I miss doing when I'm still in the Philippines is watching news on TV.  I am a news junkie, I love watching news.  I like to know whats been going on around the world or what is the latest news about the celebrities or even politics, even though I don't like politics as much; its still good to know what's been happening in the world of politics.  Now that I'm here in the US I so miss watching the news their like TV Patrol and GMA news, and especially my favorite to watch  is our local news in Davao, the TV Patrol Southern Mindanao.  Its good to know of what's been going on, especially with the last earthquake that just happen few weeks ago, I started to get worried, I make it sure that I know the latest news from my home-country.

Its a good thing we are living in very high tech world right now, that you can just do anything in the internet.  You can pay your bills online, you can transfer money online, you can talk to your loved ones across the world online.  You can just almost do everything online, that's the very good part of the Internet, thank God for it!
And that's what I do, I watch news online, I was lucky I found a website or a blog that you can watch news online.  The only disadvantage is its very slow sometimes, well at least I don't have to register to any  pay per download website just to watch the news onlineI am happy everytime I  watch news online because it helps with my homesickness, its a very big help for a new immigrant like me that is only my way of knowing what is the latest news in the Philippines. You can check this link  Watch TV Patrol online.

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