Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The best part about working at an animal shelter

Guest post written by Theresa Williamson
I love my job! I help homeless animals find homes at an animal shelter. It can be heartbreaking at times though when not enough people are adopting animals and some animals are living at the shelter for really long periods of time. There are just so many homeless animals out there and it can be a financial burden taking in one that isn't completely healthy. I understand that a lot of people can't afford to take in pets, but I like to help people understand how much it costs and how it can differ if you get a pet from a shelter versus a breeder.

I wish that I could afford to take in a few more pets on my own. I was online about a week ago looking up some information about my finances and the possibility of adopting another pet when I saw the site debtsettlementfamily. It looked like a great resource for what I needed and I used it to get some ideas about how to finally settle my debt.

I'd really love to take in a dog, a senior dog specifically. They're looked over so often that I feel bad for them.

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