Monday, March 19, 2012

Blu Cigs: The Better E-Cigarette

I've been a smoker For longer than I want to remember and I've been subjected to an industry fossilized by it's own arrogance and a government intent on taxing smoking into oblivion.  I can't do much about the latter, but the former is now being challenged by the E-cigarette.  A mini vaporizer that delivers not smoke but water vapor with flavors and nicotine.  While medical science has not evaluated the e-cigarette, it is glaringly obvious that there is less compounds in an e-cigarette that can cause harm since it's just water vapor.  When I found out that I had to write this article I decided to go out and buy a Blu E-cigarette from Walgreens.

The "cigarette" itself is a bit thicker than a normal cigarette and heftier as well due to the battery and vaporizer.  This is just a disposable one, good for 1 1/2 - 2 packs worth of puffs.  It's a little weird to get used to initially because of the weight and no need to light it, simply pull a small drag and the vaporizer immediately delivers.  The taste is pure, flavorful and lacks the ashtray taste of a normal cigarette.  Also speaking of ashtrays, none is needed as there is no ash and no butts to put out.  You simply puff a few times until you are satisfied and put the e-cigarette away for the next time.  When I stops delivering flavor just toss it out.  For the serious vaporist there is a starter kit with rechargeable vaporizer and flavor tubes.  Now, a word about cost.  I spent $10 for my disposable and if it gives me 1 1/2 packs worth of puffs that still makes it $6.67 per pack, a price increase from the $3.45 I spend on Pall Malls.  However if I had my druthers I think I might actually stick with the e-cigarettes since you really get your hit after 3-4 puffs, I suspect I might actually "smoke" less with it, a fact that other users have pointed out.

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