Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Death of Mayport

Recently we heard that the ferry that crosses the St. Johns River at Mayport will be closing down in September due to lack of revenue.  This is a huge mistake and will only quicken the slow pace of death that has been encroaching on Mayport ever since the US Navy moved the Aircraft Carrier to a different port.  If the amount of miller welders on Craigslist is any indication, we have a lot of welding personnel out of work right now.  The death of the ferry will simply ad the restaurants and shrimp fishing fleet to that list.  It would only take a small infusion of cash to keep the ferry going but the city government refuses to do it, instead dumping money into the never-ending black hole of road construction.  With the ferry closed traffic on A1A will now have to take a 35 mile detour over the Dames Point bridge to get to the south bank of the St. Johns River, an incredible lapse of judgement in today's era of high gas prices but what I have come to expect from a city council with their heads buried in the sand in order to ignore the real issues.

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