Monday, March 5, 2012

Man's Bestfriend

Our first cat Trevor and his son Puckity at the background.
I have always been a pet lover, and have had animals all my life.  I always treat them like a part of the family and not just a pet.  I grew up with both dogs and cats and currently I have a cat and some fish but unfortunately I can't bring them with me, so they are in the Philippines and I'm sure my mother was taking care of them.  I remember when I was young my grandmother had a dog named Charisma, she was the first generation of the dog we had, until she got old and passed away, she leaves us with some puppies that as far as I remember they were still alive until I was in my high school days that time (1997); so I think they died old like more than 10 years old.  In our country the animals like cats and dogs, they are expected to have a life-frame of 8 years for cat and 10 years for dog: that's because our animals is an outdoor animals, they live outside the house and wanders around in the neighborhood, so they live a hard life. I also had a cat when were still living in Davao City, my husband name him Puckity, he was the one of the 2 first son's of our first cat Trevor. 

 We loved that cat so much, at first when his still a kitten he is giving as a hard time, because he is not potty trained yet, but then when he grow up he became nice and loving cat.  I remember that time when I was already sleeping, when I forgot to close the faucet in the kitchen  because that time we experience a rotating brownout,  when in the middle of night the water supply was back and the next thing I know it was flooding already in our living room.  And what Puckity do is he tried to wake me up by scratching my legs but I ignore him, I only get up when he purred at my face and when I heard the water gashing in the kitchen, thanks to my cat the only damage has done is our carpet got soaked.  I miss my cat, we believe Puckity got stolen from our house, because he never return after that day he was gone.

The dog with no face. Picture from The Morningstarr
Truly animals is like a human being sometimes, they are know to help humans or will try to save your life when you're in danger.  Like this dog name "Kabang"( means spotty), she sacrifice her life to save the two kids when they were walking across the street of Zamboanga City in the Philippines not knowing that a speeding motorcycle is fast approaching towards  them. The dog lost the top part of her snout because of the impact of the motorcycle.  The kids was out of danger and the the driver of the motorcycle had a few scratch.  Now the dog has no nose, but he is very famous now in the Philippines, a lot of people from over the world wants to help with the surgery of her face.  I wept when I first saw this news about Kabang, I feel sorry for the dog for what happen to her right now, but he is a hero, a one of  a kind animal.
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