Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My First Concert Experience with My Ultimate Favorite Band

Ely Buendia
The first time I went to a concert  is when I was still  in  high school.  Me and my childhood friend 
decided to go watch my favorite band  Eraserheads, they were so famous back then, everybody is going gaga over them.  It was just a free concert sponsored by our Mayor in Davao City Philippines, celebrating the Araw ng Dabaw (Day of Davao City) so it was full of people.  I was so excited to watch the concert because not only was it my first time to watch a concert but its also my first time to see The Eraserheads in person and Ely Buendia the lead singer of the band, I was so infatuated with him before.  I was happy and excited when the member's of the bands started to come out from the walls built by iron stanchions and pass by the  velvet rope of course they are VIP.

My Favorite band in the Philippines
You could just imagine its a free concert, so I am so worried with my safety and seeing all the crowds going crazy when the band started playing.  Its a good thing they have a crowd control team, so I can enjoy the concert without worrying about the crowd doing crazy things. All in all I had fun and I did enjoy my first experience watching a free concert, even though my friend decided to leave me and go with her other friends to be drunk.  I didn't mind because I know she is not a music lover like me and she can't relate much to the concert.  It was unforgettable experience for me, especially in the middle of the concert when the people at the back start pushing, I thought there's gonna be a stampede.  The bouncers reinforced the barricades immediately to try to control the crowd, and with the lead singer asking the crowd to relax or else there not gonna continue the concert.  So the crowd behaved and we finally enjoyed the concert.  I'm still lucky I go home in one piece and no injuries, though I did not tell my parents the story or else they will sermon me like a priest.

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