Friday, March 30, 2012

Spartan Race

Spartan race may evoke images some grueling winner take all or die trying kind of sporting event but I assure you this is not the case with this Spartan Race.  What this is is a muddy new way to get yourself fit and meet all those goals you've been trying to meet.  Races start out with the 5k trail race for beginners to the 10k race with obstacles all the way up to the 40+ mile events for the most hardcore among us.  The best part is although many different people enter Spartan Race, 99.9% will finish and perhaps forevermore, have a thirst for mud and trail racing.
Spartan Race isn't just for guys though, girls get into it as well to test their mettle against the mud.  I've been thinking this would be a great way for me to lose some extra pounds and have some extreme fun in the meantime.  For frequently asked questions and answers check out:  Get your fitness into high gear and take it to the next level.  Check out Spartan Race and perhaps you will be one of the 300,000 people who will enter Spartan Race.  At the finish line you will know what it means to be a Spartan,  and know that it means to be legendary.

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