Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disneyland, California

I have a friend that lives out in Los Angeles California.  She calls whenever she has time, which is not so often because of her job but the last time she called she was trying to get me to take a trip to California.  See, she had got some disneyland tickets and wanted me to go out there so we could go together.  It's a great idea but the USA is huge and I live on the east coast.  It's not like I can just pick up and fly all the way to California for a week.  Also I have my jobs to think about, I don't think they'll let me have time off so soon after hiring me.  I suppose it's for the best, I need to work while my husband is in Alaska so we can have money when he's done with his job up there.

I've asked him about going to Disney World since we are so close to Orlando and he said "we'll see."  He tends to associate anything Disney with his stepfather who's dead 10 years + now but haunts his nightmares to this day.  It's ok, I understand and he said he would make the effort, maybe this year when he gets back from Alaska.  We don't have to go for long but even a short trip is so expensive.  It's another thing I'm getting tired of in the USA, the prices.  I'm off for now, I've been working every day for almost 2 months now which is why I'm not around so much to write for the blog.

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